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2008 Regional Energy Industry Workforce Summit

Summit Day 2 (June 6, 2008)


On June 6, nearly 75 energy leaders and community stakeholders met to explore the creation of an industry-led energy industry workforce consortium. Twenty-two similar consortia have been formed over the past few years, modeled to varying degrees on the Workforce Florida initiative.

Hurricane Katrina had shown a spotlight on the lack of energy generation and distribution workers in the southeastern United States. The utility companies came together in an attempt to help remedy this crisis. The result was an industry-led, industry-funded worker recruitment and training initiative. The U.S. Dept. of Labor recognized this initiative as a national model and has encouraged its adoption across the country.

The Pennsylvania group that came together to explore the creation of a Pennsylvania consortium discussed what might be better accomplished together, characteristics of the proposed consortium, and then solicited volunteers for the leadership team.

More information on the Pennsylvania consortium can be found at the Dept. of Labor website that has been established for the consortia across the country.

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